Anonymous said: Anonymous secrets: We met briefly but I think you are incredibly cute! I would be honored if I could ever receive a smooch. Even on the cheek. lol

*w* Haha! This is a surprising one! I would assume at a con is where I was seen, maybe?? I get pretty smoochy- ‘specially when intoxicated. Hang around long enough as a friend and yer bound to get smooches whether ya like it or not! Mwuhaha! Thanks <3

A collection of DUMB PUPPY PICS! Woof!

Dis pup is for sale here (real cheap atm)


Suit for sale here ( )

Auction started at $1 :3 Go fetch!

sassylittletimelord said: Are you still doing commissions and if so what are your prices?

I am not, sorry! Just sell premades now. :)

Made crow bird talons for a festival-styled costume- where the goal is to represent the animal but not necessarily covering the human body like a normal fursuit would

Pup has magnetic eyelids!! So you can be serious or a dumb puppy!!!!